15 Homeschool Websites for Kids & Parents

Hey homeschooling moms and dads!  We have created a list of the top 15 online homeschooling sites. These helpful resources are the cream of the homeschooling crop. We think you’ll agree!

1. Prongo – Jeff has created a comprehensive site for kids, which features free games, kid-safe jokes and interesting brain teasers.

2. Homeschool Math – Maria Miller is a math teacher turned homeschooling mother.  She has developed a fantastic resource for lessons, online math materials, puzzles and worksheets for kids of all ages.

3. Khan Academy – Sal Khan has taken a groundbreaking approach to education.  He began by tutoring his niece via YouTube videos and has since revolutionized the education space with his videos.  His site has grown tremendously and now consists of thousands of educational videos.  Khan Academy includes a map of knowledge and was recently featured on 60 Minutes.  Khan Academy is backed by the Gates Foundation and has just developed a new iPad App.

4. Let’s Homeschool – Angie developed this enriching homeschool site, because of the lack of quality homeschool sites available at the time.  She has compiled Kindergarten through 12th grade homeschooling resources, which include curriculum, standards, organization and a wide variety of subjects.

5. Arcademic Skill Builders – Great source for educational games.  As you can see, many of our favorite games come from our friends at Arcademic.

6. Mongabay – Rhett has developed this preeminent site, which provides rainforest information for kids.

7. Internet 4 Classrooms – Susan has created a complete educational website with a myriad of resources for Pre-K through 12th grade students.  This site offers a plethora of links, tutorials and grade level help.

8. Homeschool Helper Online – Dedicated to homeschoolers who want to help each other, the Homeschool Helper Online contains unit studies, worksheets, phonics, computer lessons and record keeping.

9. Mr Nussbaum – Greg Nussbaum has taken his teachings to another level by creating a wide variety of educational games.  His games are creative, fun and cover a large selection of topics.

10.  BrainPop – The subjects covered here are: Health, Science, Technology, Math, Social Studies, Arts & Music, English movies, as well as quizzes, activity pages and school homework help for K-12th grade students.

11. The Homeschool Mom – Serving homeschool moms for over a decade, The Homeschool Mom provides helpful information on curriculum, high school, college and teacher resources.

12. Curriki – Curriki is a non-profit website seeking to create a global learning community.  They run an open infrastructure for developing curricula on a commons set of open standards. Math Game Time has partnered with Curriki to create a wealth of homeschool resources.

13. Play Kids Games – Offers free online kids games that are both fun and educational. Aimed at  Pre-K through 7th grade students.

14. Cool Math Games – Don’t be fooled by the old school look of this site.  It features some of the best math games for kids.

15. Math Game Time – Lastly, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our sister site Math Game Time.  Math Game Time is the home of free math games, worksheets, homework help and videos from Pre-K through 7th grade.

We hope you enjoy these great learning sites and find them as useful as we have!  For more homeschooling resources, check out this list of 5 tips for Homeschoolers.


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Welcome to Word Game Time!  Whether you are a parent, teacher or child…we are the home of safe, fun and free word games for kids.  Our site also features educational videos, printable worksheets and homework help.  Word Game Time is the #1 language arts educational resource online.

We at Word Game Time strive to channel the excitement for video games towards academic improvement and success.  Our games help children’s performances through higher engagement and additional practice of core language arts concepts.
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