Smart Strategies to Transition from Summer to School

Smart Strategies to Transition from Summer to School

Like it or not, it’s almost time to head back to school. While your kids likely want to squeeze every second out of summer, you can start taking some steps to help make it easier for them (and you) to transition from summer to school.

Go to Bed Earlier

Summer often means going to bed late and sleeping in. It will likely take some time for kids to transition to their regular bedtimes and wake up times for school. Start slowly by going to bed 5-10 minutes earlier each night. In the mornings, set an alarm to let kids know when it is time to wake up. Gradually make the alarm go off earlier and earlier so that by the time school starts kids will be jumping out of bed instead of reaching for the snooze button.

Get Back into a Routine

Do you have a typical routine you follow during the school year? Now is the time to start implementing that routine. If you do not have a routine, it is also a great time to put one into place. Consider the following questions as you set a routine:

  • How much TV can the kids watch during the school week? What times are they allowed to watch it?
  • What time will we eat dinner each night?
  • When will we pack lunch for the day?
  • What chores need to get done?
  • What happens before school?
  • What happens after school?

By starting to get back into a routine before school starts, you can work out any potential kinks before you are caught up in the flurry of activity that comes with the beginning of the school year.

Shop for Supplies

Most schools post supply lists at the end of the previous school year and most stores start their school supply sales late July-early August. Instead of waiting until the last minute, get a jump on shopping for school supplies now. That way kids can have their backpacks all packed and ready for the beginning of the school year. This can also build excitement and anticipation for the school year- your kid might want to show off their cool erasers or new backpack!

Plan Lunches and Dinners

Now is also the time to start shopping and planning for lunches and dinners during the school year. Make a list of easy, healthy dinners that you can whip up during the school year. Food Network offers a handy list of family-friendly weeknight dinners to get you started. If kids pack their lunches, come up with a rotating menu of items for them to pack. has a list of easy school lunch ideas. If you have a big freezer, you can also go ahead and make some of the items on The Organised Housewife’s 50+ Freezer Friendly Lunch Ideas or Six Sisters’ Stuff’s 50 Easy Freezer Meals.

Finish Your Summer Bucket List

In the midst of transitioning from summer to school, you still need to make time to enjoy the rest of summer. Now is the time to start crossing items off of your family’s summer bucket list. Instead of starting the school year saying, “I wish we had done x, y, and z,” get out there and do them. After such an awesome summer, you will be ready to settle down and enjoy the mundanity of the school year

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