10 Reading Infographics You Need to See

10 Reading Infographics You Need to See

Reading infographics run the gamut from random facts about books and reading to strategies to help readers improve their reading skills. We’ve gathered the best reading infographics in all categories to help parents and teachers learn more about reading and to help kids become stronger readers.

Facts about Reading

Readers Save the World highlights the benefits of reading, focusing on how reading can improve your health, reduce your stress levels, and make you a better person.

Libraries are Forever shows that while e-books are becoming more popular, libraries still play an important role in society. It highlights reader preferences to show why libraries and print books are still needed.

Reading: The Road to Success highlights the importance of teaching children how to read by showing what literate and illiterate people are more likely to do. It also shares a few apps to help kids learn to read.

What Makes Frequent Readers provides an overview of the traits designed to encourage frequent readers. Parents can use these traits to make sure they’re modeling positive attitudes about reading at home and training up kids who love to read.

Finding Books to Read

162 Young Adult Retellings helps teens find books to read by highlighting adaptations of popular stories. The infographic covers popular fairy tales, myths, classic novels, and Shakespeare’s works.

Most Loved Children’s Books shares the history of children’s books from the 1800s to 2010. A portion of the infographic also focuses on the importance of teaching children to read, but it can also be a great way to find out what kids have enjoyed reading over time.

Fiction Meets Non-Fiction shows that a lot of fiction books and non-fiction books actually parallel each other in many ways. The infographic highlights non-fiction books and their fiction counterparts that deal with similar topics and themes.

Reading How-to

Understanding Close Reading provides tips to help kids learn how to close read. With these questions and suggestions kids can become stronger readers. 

On the Road to Reading takes the process kids should follow when they read and places it on a road to help kids see how to move through the steps as they read.

5 Pillars of Successful Reading Instruction highlights the five main areas of instruction needed to help kids learn to read. These include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, along with an explanation, teaching tips, and suggested books for each area.

If you’re looking for more reading infographics, check out some of our notable mentions below.

Some notable mentions include:

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