6 Apps to Celebrate Poetry

6 Apps to Celebrate Poetry

Did you know? April is National Poetry Month! No time like the present to introduce kids to famous poems and give them a chance to write some poetry of their own.  These top poetry apps help you build an appreciation of poetry all year long.

Reading Poetry
Poetry can be hard for kids to read and understand, but the more they are exposed to poetry, the easier it becomes. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Introduce kids to both a mix of modern poetry and classic poetry to help them learn all about the beautiful art.

City Nights (PAID) uses poetry to put kids to sleep… in a good way. This creative app brings a poem to life by both illustrating it and adding the sounds of a city as the city slowly drifts off to sleep. The rhyming poem makes a wonderful bedtime story, but it is also a poem kids will enjoy throughout the day.

iF Poems (PAID) helps introduce kids to classic poems. Poems are organized by theme and age-range, making it easy to find great poems for kids of any age. Many of the poems also include audio readings from famous actors.

Poems By Heart (FREE) challenges kids to memorize classic poems. The app breaks down famous poems word-by-word and line-by-line to help kids get them down pat. Four free poems are included in the app, while additional poems are available for download.

Writing Poetry
After reading and memorizing poetry from some of the masters, kids can start writing poetry of their own. Encourage kids to be creative, to experiment with different poetic forms, and to even write poems that don’t always rhyme.

Word Creativity Kit (PAID) encourages kids to get creative with their poetry writing. The app incorporates word tiles, fun clip art and bright backgrounds to allow kids to put together their own poems. Word themes help kids think of topics to write about, but the rest is up to them!

Word Mover (FREE) helps kids create poetry. The app contains a word bank, as well as collections of words from famous works such as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18.” Kids can also add their own words to the app for use in future poems. They can arrange their poems on fun backgrounds to add an even more creative touch.

Poetry Creator (FREE) is another fun found poetry app for kids. Using the word banks contained in the app, kids can put together their own exciting poems. In-app purchases give kids access to dictionaries full of more words, including a Shakespeare dictionary, LOL-tionary and Hip Hop dictionary.

During National Poetry Month and for the rest of the year, why not encourage kids to express themselves creatively through poetry? And while you’re at it, expose them to poets who have been doing the same for centuries. Happy writing!

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