Top 20 Educational Facebook Pages

Pinterest may seem like the go-to place to get ideas for your classroom or home, and Twitter is the place for your daily #edchat, but Facebook has a lot to offer teachers and parents too. Some of the top educational pages on Facebook share valuable content and great math ideas. These pages regularly post quality articles, teaching tips, and other ideas you can take straight into the classroom. They also toss in a little humor and inspiration to help keep you sane as you teach or work with your children.

Scholastic Teachers

Scholastic is one of the best-known education companies out there and their quality materials extend to Facebook. With Scholastic Teachers you’ll find teacher Q&A sessions, highlighted Scholastic resources, giveaways for scholastic products, and other articles and videos you can use to help inform your teaching. There is also a Scholastic Parents page focused on providing resources for parents.


TeachHUB regularly provides teachers and parents with articles and advice related to some of the hot topics in education. Many of their posts help unpack the Common Core, make sense of school report cards, and tackle topics such as differentiated instruction and bringing technology into the classroom. They also give those in the world of education a place to share advice and ideas with one another.


Many teachers may already be familiar with Edutopia as a website, but the Facebook page also offers a lot of valuable information. You can get tips from teachers and parents, some of the latest educational infographics, and many inspirational quotes related to the world of education.

Math Game Time

If you want to find out the latest news in the world of math education, along with free math games, check out Math Game Time’s Facebook page. The page regularly features interesting articles, blog posts, and infographics related to education, and math education in general. It also highlights some of the site’s free math games, videos, and worksheets.

Free Technology for Teachers

Discover the latest edtech news and resources by liking Free Technology for Teachers. You’ll discover many cool new websites and applications, as well as links to free online events designed to help teachers learn more about technology.

The Inclusive Class

The Inclusive Class focuses on providing resources for parents and teachers of special needs students. The page regularly contains inspirational posters to motivate special needs students, as well as articles designed to highlight how to set up a classroom that integrates students with special needs.

Educational Technology

By liking Educational Technology, you’ll start to discover some of the latest tools and strategies in the edtech world. The page shares how to best incorporate technology in the classroom, while also offering tips related to specific pieces of technology. For example, teaching teachers how to better utilize Google’s free applications.

Educational Insights

Educational Insights is a company that makes playful educational products. Its Facebook page is focused on sharing fun ideas, videos, and resources to help children have fun while learning. They also occasionally have contests and promotions to give you a chance to win cool products.

Word Game Time

Word Game Time focuses on providing teachers with ELA resources to use in the classroom. Find links to some of the site’s free word games and worksheets, as well as fun quotes and other cool ELA resources.

Teaching Ideas

Just as the name suggests, Teaching Ideas offers a lot of different teaching ideas. The resources cover a range of subjects, from creative art activities to different ways to put together a story.


TeacherLists is a national school supply directory site that encourages schools and teachers to post their own supply lists online. They also love to share school supplies humor, information about free and cheap school supplies, and other resources to help teachers.

Both teachers and parents will find plenty of resources and advice by liking They regularly share printable activities, lists of creative ideas, and fun pictures for parents and teachers to enjoy and use with their kids.

Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning

Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning highlights the posts from the blog of the same name, but it also offers a lot of advice for parents and teachers of young children. You’ll find crafts, inspirational quotes, links to other great blogs, as well as occasional questions from teachers and parents who are desperate for new ideas.

Math Chimp

Math Chimp’s Facebook page regularly posts articles, blog posts, and other resources related to math education and educational technology. You’ll find links to a lot of the site’s free math games, videos, and worksheets, along with other cool resources and news related to science, technology, and math.

What the Teacher Wants

Teachers looking for support and inspiration should like What the Teacher Wants. This page doesn’t downplay the struggle teachers face and instead gives them a place to talk about their struggles and give advice to other teachers. You’ll also find a few fun activities, classroom management ideas, and motivational images.

Busy Teacher

What teacher isn’t busy? Busy Teacher is a website focused on sharing free printables among teachers and the Facebook page highlights those printables. Find printables on all different subjects and at all different grade levels, as well as a few articles on classroom management and working with students.

Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art is a creative Facebook page focused on providing arts and crafts ideas for teachers and parents. Along with posts about throwing themed parties and making your own watercolors, you can also see occasional posts about awesome books and toys for kids.


Creativity is an important skill for kids to develop and Tinkerlab encourages the development of that skill through its Facebook posts. Parents and teachers will find fun arts and crafts projects, as well as creative contests for kids to enter. The page also regularly shares cool artwork created by kids.

The Cornerstone for Teachers

The Cornerstone for Teachers focuses on helping teachers become more effective. The site regularly shares motivational quotes and articles designed to help teachers. There are also a few humorous memes and plugs for the latest conferences the moderator is attending.


EducationWorld is one of those go-to websites for teachers looking for help with classroom management and general teaching techniques. The site’s Facebook page is an extension of that, providing teachers with teaching tips, as well as an overview of some of the latest news in the world of K-12 education.

Do you have any other go-to Facebook pages for education? If so, share them so we can like them too.

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