10 iPad Apps to Learn Spelling

10 iPad Apps to Learn Spelling

Teaching kids to spell takes a lot of work. Word games for kids with a focus on spelling do the work for you by providing kids with interactive games and multiple strategies for practicing spelling new words. With these 10 iPad apps to learn spelling, your children will improve their spelling skills and have fun too, making learning to spell seem less like work.

Amazing First Words

Amazing First Words by Joy Preschool Games is designed to teach sight words and spelling to early readers. This iPad and iPhone app features 264 words grouped into categories such as animals, festivals, geography and astronomy.  To play, children see a picture and an outline of the word. They drag and drop letter bubbles to correctly spell the word.

Build a Word

If your preschooler has ever seen the show WordWorld on PBS, he will enjoy Build a Word. Using the same concept as the show, children catch falling letters and drag them onto the outline of letters to form a word.  Once the word has been formed, it turns into a word picture.

Freefall Spelling

Freefall Spelling by Merge Mobile features multiple games, from word games appropriate for beginning spellers to 5th grade word games.  Children unscramble letters to form words, type the correct letters on a special keyboard and drag and drop letters onto a word outline. As they complete activities, they earn fish for their fish tank.

Intro to Letters

Intro to Letters by Montessorium is designed for the youngest spellers.  This word game teaches children to recognize letters by dragging their fingers along letter outlines.  In order to learn how to spell, children must be comfortable with all of their letters. This app is a great place to start teaching spelling without overwhelming your child.

iTouchiLearn Words

iTouchiLearn Words helps children as young as toddlers associate the spelling of words with pictures and animations related to those words. Children may simply view words or play games that have them drag and drop letters to correctly spell words.

My Spelling Test

A spelling game designed for elementary school students and older, My Spelling Test allows children to practice their spelling lists for school.  Simply input the spelling list and then practice spelling. Children receive instant feedback and you receive reports detailing your child’s progress.


SpellBoard allows you to input a spelling list and then generates spelling quizzes, word searches and word scrambles based on that list. Different levels of activities are provided to make this app appeal to children from first grade through 12th grade.

Spell Well

Spell Well by Sparkling Apps teaches children to spell by helping Frog Wordy fill his garden.  As children correctly spell words, flowers and other surprises grow in the garden and encourage children to spell more words.  All words are shown, spoken and used in a sentence.

Spelling Bug

Designed to help younger kids learn how to spell basic words, Spelling Bugs combines three strategies for teaching spelling into one game. First, children see a picture of the word.  Then, they hear the word.  Finally, they see the word and must drag and drop letters into the correct places.

Word Wizard

Word Wizard by L’Escapadou introduces children to spelling through animated, talking letters. Children can drag letters to form words and sentences. The text-to-speech feature reads what children have written.  Spelling lists are provided to help children learn to spell specific words or you may add your own words to use along with the apps spelling quizzes.

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